Can’t decide what to watch? Try tries to help you answer the eternal question of “what should we watch tonight?”

Don’t get me wrong…having access to Netflix and Amazon Instant Videos has been awesome.  They literally have 1000s of movies and shows to watch.  But that’s also the problem.  Sometimes it’s just too much.  At least with cable, you know there’s a limit to what’s on even if that could mean a couple hundred channels.  If the options are a bit staggering for you, may be worth a look.


What is  Why should I care? was started in 2014 and the main purpose of the site is to help you figure out what to watch.  Pretty basic site with lots of articles and “top 10” type of lists (example: 10 essential films about women in showbiz).

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It’s especially useful for people that have cut the cord and rely more on streaming services like Netflix.  Even before we’d signed up for streaming services, the single most frequent question we’d find ourselves asking — behind “what should we have for dinner?” — was “what should we watch?”  Ugh.  I cringe even thinking about that now.  If nothing else, Decider will get you thinking about older movies, you might not have thought about watching.  Plus, they do offer reviews of new releases.  Bottom line is this is a pretty tough problem to solve.  Sure, not everyone is going to agree with Decider’s reviews or suggestions but it’s a good starting point.


“New on Netflix”  — Now, that one’s a keeper!

While I don’t always read Decider’s site or think about it probably as often as I should, I do usually glance at the “New on Netflix” article that posts weekly.  I’ve mentioned this before, but worth saying it again…Netflix streaming titles frequently rotate/change.  If you’re hooked on a certain movie, there’s a chance it may not always be available.  That being said, they do bring in new shows and movies on a regular basis.  This can be great.  This can also be annoying.  How are you supposed to keep on top of this?? Enter Decider.

netflix weekly

You can probably find this info in a lot of other places if you Google it.  I just like getting the weekly email newsletter and quickly flipping through the updates to see what’s new.  One drawback — they don’t seem to note which movies are going away.  Not that big a deal until something like The Running Man just up and disappears.  You might not be a big Arnold fan though, so won’t dwell on that one.




The new TVGuide? Not sure, but Decider is off to a nice start

Someone compared to the old TVGuide magazine (remember those??).  I guess I’m a little skeptical that they’d become that prolific.  Even so, they’re doing a decent job and helping solve an issue.  How else are you figuring out to watch?  Have streaming services been a blessing or a curse?  Let us know!!


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