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The Cable Project — Resource Guide


The Cable Project - Resource Guide

Welcome to the Cable Project Resource Guide.

The list of links below refer to websites, products and services that we have encountered and that may be helpful as you explore starting your own cable project. Some of these services require a paid subscription, while some others are free. If you have a favorite tool or site that’s missing, or questions on any of these, please let us know.



References, Sites

This is a list of sites that should help you find the info you need to more easily make decisions about your cable project
  • – this service will let you test your current internet speed.   If you’ve not yet tried streaming video at home, it’s worth testing this out first so there are no surprises later.
  • – another internet speed assessment site (free)
  • – one more free independent site to check connection speed
  • – will help find digital transmission towers in your area, what digital antenna type  be needed to receive channels.
  • – similar to antennapoint’s site. Gives you a radar plot and information about local channels that you can pick up over the air with a digital antenna.
  • –  Very cool comparison shopping site for streaming media options.  If there is a certain movie or show that you are interested in watching, plug it into, and they will show you which streaming services are currently offering it and how much it costs (free to stream, rental, purchase).  It’s free to check/use this site and with so many different streaming services out there, it can be a pain to bounce around from site to site.  You can also setup reminders/alerts to be sent to you when certain movies/shows become available…very important for those of us looking for such goodies as The Running Man. 🙂
  • – Think of this as a “new” version of TVGuide. If you’ve ever asked yourself “what should we watch tonight?” then Decider might be worth a look. Nice weekly feature is an update of new content posting to Netflix.
  • rokuguide – kind of similar to Decider, but solely focused on Roku and it’s channels. If you have questions on Roku devices and channels, there is a good forum to post questions.


Streaming Services

These websites and services that you can use to stream movies, shows.  Many of these are paid services.
  • Netflix.  Subscription service that allows you to watch shows, movies via streaming.  Love that I can use the app on my phone to watch movies.  Not too thrilled about the somewhat limited streaming selection options, but hey for only $8 a month probably it’s really hard to complain too much.
  • Amazon Prime – Instant Video.  Amazon’s video streaming service.  Included for free with an AmazonPrime membership.  Very easy to use service, but like Netflix somewhat limited movie/show options which periodically change.
  • Hulu and HuluPlus. Streaming service featuring tv shows and movies. The “plus” service ($8/mo) is a paid service with extra content not available in the free version. Major strength here is “freshness” of offerings. The latest episodes are usually available. Check out this article on a good main streaming service comparison.
  • Google Play – video rental and purchase options available.
  • iTunes – video rental and purchase available. Pay as you go.
  • Crackle – free streaming service offering movies and shows (usually older); commercials do show up. I FINALLY found some Seinfeld episodes here!
  • vudu – another streaming service that offers movie rentals; pay as you go.
  • Sony Entertainment Network – haven’t had too much experience with them, but essentially is Sony’s version of a streaming service.
  • YouTube – the granddaddy of ’em all.  Probably not your first thought, but definitely worth a peek if there are certain shows you’re interested in watching.
  • NBA League Pass – subscription service that gives you access to NBA games.  Important if you are an NBA fan.
  • NHL CenterIce – NHL’s streaming service (paid)
  • – subscription service giving access to MLB games
  • PlayOn – more info here to follow.

Streaming Devices/Hardware

Unless you already have a smart TV (and even if you do) some of the following equipment will help you pull in shows

Streaming media players

  • Roku streaming player
  • AppleTV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire
  • Netgear NeoDrive
  • WD TV Live Media Player



  • HD Antennas – many!  Check out our starting guide to help find an HD antenna that’s right for you.



  • CloudStorage drive
  • Simple.TV
  • TiVO Roamio
  • Tablo