How Sling TV Can Ease You Off A Monthly Cable Bill

Sling TV – You may know it as A La Carte TV

Early in our cord-cutting journey, we were skeptical about losing certain cable channels.  The 150+ channels we never watched?   We weren’t going to lose any sleep over those…but, the ~10 or so we DID watch??  That was another story.  Enter Sling TV to the rescue!  Our Sling subscription definitely made the transition easier and gave our family access to live TV channels they felt they couldn’t live without.  Spoiler alert: those channels they thought they couldn’t live without….they’ve even gotten over them.   🙂


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Can’t decide what to watch? Try tries to help you answer the eternal question of “what should we watch tonight?”

Don’t get me wrong…having access to Netflix and Amazon Instant Videos has been awesome.  They literally have 1000s of movies and shows to watch.  But that’s also the problem.  Sometimes it’s just too much.  At least with cable, you know there’s a limit to what’s on even if that could mean a couple hundred channels.  If the options are a bit staggering for you, may be worth a look.

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Cord Cutting – a getting started guide

treasure chestStart getting rid of cable – cut the cord

You hear about thousands of people ditching cable.  Well, here’s a tip.  It’s a little different when you decide to try it yourself.  With new equipment to buy and many people’s interests to satisfy, it can be a lot tougher than it looks.  More important — savings might NOT be as big as you think.  This guide will help you ask the questions you should be asking yourself BEFORE you make a move.  Whether you’re shaving one step at a time, or ripping the whole thing out at once, it’s an exciting journey.  Without further ado, let’s get started!


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